We headed south, we saw a Space Shuttle launch and swam with the manatees. Florida really was Florida. The Keys are the Keys and Jimmy Buffet is alive and well. 

Bird Toy Large
Bird Toy Medium
Bird Toy Small
Bucktail Jigs
Cafe Souto & Cafe Oquendo
Calamondin Orange Tree
Chiviricos Fried Dough & Meringues
Chum Bag
Citra Fruit Spoon
Citra Sipper
Citrus Sizing Plate
Coconut Toast Spread
Disposable Salt and Pepper Shakers
Divers Float
Florida Angel Mints
Flying Turtle
Foam Doggie
Guava Cream
Handy Handle
Hemp Seed Nut Butter
Hotel Key Tag
Inflatable Space Shuttle
Jupina Soda
Long Boys Coconut Candies
Materva Soda
Metal Creamer
Metal Ruffle Shade
Mr. Pea Sheller
Mr. Skinner
NASA "Meatball" Patch
Olympic Jump Rope
Orange Bubblegum
Orange Clipper
Orange Polka Dot Flagging Tape
Original Ice Cream Scoop
Pink Flamingos
Plexi Ice Bucket
Produce Sampling Knife
Raw Orange Blossom Honey
Robert Long Cane Syrup
Round Snorkel Mask
Rubber Bucket
Sharpening Tool
Sun & Sand Chair
Target Poster
Texan Nut Sheller
Three Carved Strombus Shell Rings
Ticket Takers Punch
Tote Max
Trumpet Kazoo
Valencia Oranges
White Schoenhut Mini Baby Grand Piano
White, Extra-Fine Cornmeal
Wiffle Scaler
Wool Sponge
Yellow Bristle Broom
Yo-Yo Balloons