10 days in Berlin at friends and a 10 day tour of the country by car. It was hard, there was no snow in the Alps, there was a wind storm. The country held a tremendous amount of unique objects and bizarre experiences. 

Adult Yellow Raincoat
Ajona Toothpaste
Bakelite Pencil Sharpener
Bavarian Gamsbart Edelweiss Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Medium Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Small Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Stag Pin
Berlin Chocolates by Erich Hamann
Black Notebook Set
Bubble Bag Set
Chamomile Creme
Cherry Lollies
Children's Lederhosen
Chocolate Cigarettes
Clear Doorstop Set
Colored Chalk
Colored Pencils
Cotton Shopping Bag
Cuckoo Clock
Dunkel Peter Popcorn
Egg Pricker
Elephant Needles
Enamel Breadbasket
Enamel Soapdish
Face Salt
Famos Vegetable Peeler
Four Furniture Wedges
Gargle Salt
German Birdhouse
German Chalk
German Tinsel
Glue Pen
Groetsch Wood Hair Comb
Headache Set
Heavy-Duty Ice Cream Scoop
Hermetus Bottle Opener
Kaufmann's Creme
Kaweco Fountain Pen
Kaweco Rollerball Pen
Kids Yellow Raincoat
Kitchen Scissors
Kwik Organizing Book / Project Journal
Ladybug Pacifier Holder
Large and Small Striped Card Set
Licorice Rolling Paper
Lowensenf Mustard
Milk Watcher
Mr. Tom
Mulled Wine Tea Bags
Mushroom Spores
Net Bag
Non-Toxic Pastels
Nun Calms
Nylon Twine
Oil Crayons
Pack of German Balloons
Pear Brandy
Peppermint Candy
Pinocchio Band-aid
Puss & Boots and Mokka Bean Chocolate
Red & White Butcher Cord
Red Garbage Can
Rope Runner
Set of Bakelite Egg Cups
Set of Kolsch Glasses
Silhouette Paper
Sock Mushroom
Stomach Saver
Travel Thread Kit
Weck Glass Jar Set
White Dish Towel
Wood Ball Toy
Wood Fish Rattle
Wood Log Fire
Wood Rattle
Wooden Pram Balls
Wurst Marzipan
Zwiebeck Cracker