Our first collection made in 2005, we had no money, we pulled everything we had together, we sold personal possessions. It was amazing. 

A4 Calendar
Bag of 3 Bamboo Toys
Bamboo Steamer Basket
Bicycle Basket Net
Blue Plastic Clear Tape Set
Box of Rubber Bands
Brass Chiirirenge with Bamboo Handle
Butterfly Can Opener
Butterfly Geisha Cards
Camellia Hair Oil
Camera Lighter
Can and Bottle Opener Gangy
Carpenters Knife
Cast Iron Leaf Pendant Necklace
Cast Iron Tape Dispenser
Charcoal & Clay Soap
Ginger Grater Brush & Small Tongs
Hand Stenciled Calendar
Handmade Cotton Indoor Slippers (Waraji)
Handmade Flower Hairpin
Handmade Noren Curtain
Handmade Silk Sachet
Hemp Pattern Tenugui
Hoji-cha Tea
Insulated Hot / Cold Bag
Japanese Schoolbook
Large A1 Size Calendar
Large Glass or Vase Brush
Metal Clips
Natural Cat Toy
Nerikoh: Blended Incense Balls Set
Pack of 6 Large Rubber Bands
Package of 6 Paper Balloon Boxes
Paper Flower Paper
Plant Based Natural Toothpicks & Wood Holder
Red Dot Tenugui
Rubber Mallet
Sake Master
Sakura Kosen
Sandalwood Incense Set
Set 2 Color Ingres Books
Set of 15 Sweet Picks
Set of 3 Ceramic Nesting Bowls
Set of 3 Paint Brushes
Set of Five Hand Printed Woodcut Cards & Envelopes
Set of Three Bamboo Kitchen Utensils
Shide Himo: paper ribbon / 5 Yards
Shiso Kosen
Tea Master
Three Homo Drawing Books
Tofu Stick
Traditional Candies in Wooden Box
Two Super Sketch Drawing Books
White Ceramic Teapot