HOLIDAY 2019: A selection of things from the past and the present which made up one-half of our show at Gordon Robichaux in New York. One part objects, two parts neon. You can see the show HERE.
Hollow Half Dollar
Cedar Tea Box
Bamboo Steamer Basket
American Whistle
Straw Broom
Spring Clips
Tiny Gem Calendar
Stove Igniter
Surprise Ball
Woven Trivet
Hot Red Fly Swatter
Be Here Now
Cork Pourer
Marseille Suit
Marzipan Modulor
NT Professional A "A-1P"
Marco's Nescafé Special
Bless Bag for the ICA
Anchovy Paste
Plastic Manhattan Tote
Spring Band
Flattenable Hook
Mazzotti Incense Holder
Fermangoli Paperclips
Rigacci Drawing Pad
Nero d' Inferno
Seven Pepper Spice
Safety Pin with Evil Eye
Red Lampshade
Rainbow Prism
Portuguese Beer Glass
Plastic Watch
Nenchaku Packing Tape
Natural Cat Toy
Metal Tape Dispenser
Lavender Soap
Kitchen Scissors
Kiosk Book on Hong Kong
Kiosk Book on Germany
Ideal Notebook
Gauze Kitchen Cloth
French Broom
Finnish Dart Set
Danish Dish Brush
Bubble Pipe
Bread and Puppet Calendar 2020