Candlestick Lamp
Petite Duralex Stacking Glasses Set
Douk-Douk Knife
Vegetable Press
Valentine Schlegel, "Je dors, je travaille"
French Coat Checks: 4 color set
Round Japanese Strainers
Incense / Mosquito Coil Holder
YEAR OF THE CIRCLE, HOLIDAY 2020: This year we are online only. Smaller selection than usual this holiday season but 2020 is after all, a special year: Year of the Circle. Some of life's essentials and not so essentials. Things I would pack tomorrow for a year long journey; stuff I need AND that makes me happy.
Hollow Half Dollar
Cedar Tea Box
Bamboo Steamer Basket
American Whistle
Straw Broom
Spring Clips
Tiny Gem Calendar
Stove Igniter
HOLIDAY 2019: A selection of things from the past and the present which made up one-half of our show at Gordon Robichaux in New York. One part objects, two parts neon. You can see the show HERE.
Straw Broom
Gnocchi Board
Anchovy Paste
Plastic Manhattan Tote
Yellow Electric Switch
Spring Clips
Spring Band
Cedrata Tassoni
ITALY 2: The secondi, so to say. I have to keep going back again and again. There is something magical in Italy, you feel the pull and when you cross the border, everything changes, some up and some down. Non che male! Anche se la loro politica mi preoccupa... 
Blow Pipe
Bottle Carrier
Chestnut Knife
Crystal Ball Bubbles
Fermangoli Paperclips
Grattugia Palate Cheese Grater
Mazzotti Futurist Candlesticks
Nero d' Inferno
ITALY 1: So great, I have to kiss you all over. The first installment of things we found in Italy. 
Bottle Stopper Pair
Burner Reducer
Cheese Cutter
Cheese Press
Children's Horse Whip
Colibri Watercolor Set
Cookie Iron
Copper Cake Mold
ROMANIA: We tried to solve the mysteries of the western east or the eastern west but came home with things instead. East meets west there indeed. I started eating meat again when I was in Romania, it's like that. Beautiful, bewitching, amazing, more than we had imagined. We broke new borders and feel we can now go beyond.
Ashleigh Brilliant Postcard Set
Bubble Factory
Bubble Pipe
Danish Rolling Pin
Doggie Bags
Finnish Hanger
Melamine Stuff
RECALL: Things we passed on the first time around but which we never stopped thinking about. Even in our worst nightmares and in our largest fantasies they were right there next to us, standing and waiting and wondering, "Why not me?". Now they have joined the we. It's the time in the century to Recall.
3 Towelettes
Acropolis Museum Postcards
Biriba Notepad
Chocolates from Varsos
Coffee Pot
Delivery Tray
Ex Votos
GREECE: Friends Danielle and Alain began the Greek collection for us; we had to add onto it. The foundation of Western Civilization does not disappoint! Literature, architecture, ruins, food, never mind the romance...Greece is for lovers, and we love it too. It might be all we do.
Bread and Puppet Calendar 2014
Merlin's Spiel
Noa's Calendar
Obsessive Timekeepers Calendar 2014
Paper Pusher Calendar
Seven Tone Pentatonic Glockenspiel
Stirring Xylophone
HOLIDAY 2013: Twixy twervey confetti in the air. It's holiday time again! Calendars, bubbles, sweets; visual and audial treats. Going out with a pop and a bang.
Big Cup 1
Big Cup 2
Big Cup 3
Big Cup 4
Big Cup 5
Big Cup 6
Big Cup 7
Large Oval Platter
BETTY'S CERAMICS: Licking Lichen ceramics by Betty Roytburd. One of a kind, with variations in each shape. For everything from soy sauce to sesame, little salt to aquavit or tea and tequila. Betty has been with us at Kiosk for a year, these are her current adventure. Join on! Thanks to Jarrod Turner for the images! Nice!
All That the Rain Promises...
Camel Hand Cream
Finder Books
Four Step Measuring Cup
French Broom
Plastic Office Butler
LEND A HAND: Think, who needs a hand? He, she, he and she. Lend a Hand to your fellow man! A little less ME and a little more WE. Take a stand and Lend a Hand! 11 random things found in the past 11 months. Hands by Jason Rosenberg
Bicycle Pump
Bike Tire Repair Kit
Blooker Cacao
Brown Security Mirror
Butterscotch Tin
THE NETHERLANDS: For the end of 2012 it is a Triple Dutch kind of scenario. Are you seeing double or triple? Holland, Netherlands, Dutch? Please note, the Netherlands is not exactly what you think it is. We are going Dutch!
Obama Comb
Obama Glider
Obama Key Tag
Obama Mug
Obama Paddle Ball
Obama Toothbrush Set
OBAMA 2012: It’s soon time to VOTE and there is only one man with a plan, OBAMA. What can we do? Each of us? At KIOSK we made OBAMA 2012 souvenirs, 5 of them. Made in the USA. Make a donation, based on the value get one souvenir from us. All profit goes to the campaign. Thanks. VOTE and VOTE for OBAMA.
Aluminum Masher
Aluminum Pitcher
Aluminum Sandwich Press
Aluminum Skimmer
Aluminum Tray
Bird Nesting Fibers
Blue and White Mug
Blue and White Plate

September 2012 - New ! Now! Like, Totally Wow! I have never been to Colombia and I still have not been there. Chris, our friend and co-worker did go to Colombia and brought back 33 things for us here at Kiosk. You get a treat and I get one too. Lucky!

Aluminum Hangers
Brass Bowl
Cedar Garland
Curd Stirrer
Fly Whip
Gandhi Incense
Gandhi Set
Gopal Tooth Powder

Namaste! India, you say, again...and why not? After all, it has been said that only after so many lifetimes can one say you have explored all of India. We go little by little, each collection being slowly created, considered and consumed. Hope you like it!

Big Sur
Exploring Point Reyes
Meteor Spray
Point Reyes Bangle
Point Reyes Hoops
Slip-n-Snip Scissors
Smoking Pipes
Smudge Stick

When we met the people from the S.F. store Gravel and Gold and talked to them about what they do we were so smitten we decided to share some of our space at the store with them. Now you have them here in our digital domain too!

Apple Chutney
Baby Slippers
Backcountry Excursions
Bag Balm
Bell Strap
Bennington Butter Dish
Bennington Creamer
Bennington Sugar Bowl

Woohoo! Our fourth American collection is finally here. Made mostly in Vermont. A house building lesson with the great Peter King started it all. 

Bhargava's Dictionary
Bicycle Bell
Chai Glass
Cotton Blanket
Cotton Sari
Gold Hibiscus Flower Large
Ice Cream Spoon Set
Incense Holder
INDIA: Taste, what this world is about and then
Touch, my foot with your bicycle tire
Hearing, the rickshaws I lost
Sight, of all reality while I thought I could
Smell, jasmin
Alps 7 Opener
Aluminum Ladle Set
Blue Storage Box
Bontan Ame Citrus Candy
Boy Candy Sticks
Brown Pot
Candied Yuzu Peel
Cast Iron Persimmon Stamp

Strictly Tokyo. Strictly black and white. Strictly Yokoo and hard lines. 

Arnold's Peanut Brittle
Bargain News
Best Test Rubber Cement
Career Figures
Cocoa Butter Stick
Dietz Kerosene Hurricane Lantern #8
Diving Submarine

A mostly tri-state area collection. Really vivid colors and extreme New Jersey conditions. 

Apollo Filled Licorice Rope
Banana Bread
Bingo Licorice Caramel
California Rusinier
Cognac Bread
Eitt Sett

We flew to Egilsstadir from Reykjavik. We drove back to Reykjavik. We walked on a glacier. We communed with nature. We did not eat puffin, shark or whale. 

Cheese Slicer
Craft Knife
Danish Dish Brush
Door Wedge
Felt Shoe Inserts
In the Midst of Nature
Metal Tape Dispenser
Nut Creme

Another annual collection, this time with a nature theme and long shadows. 

444 Shaving Ointment
Adufe Drum
Aluminum Trivet
Bird Waterer
Birkin Basket
Black Bucket
Blue and Grey "Notes Interessants" Marbled Folder
Blue and White Soap

Three weeks turned into a second visit which made the total number of weeks 6. The only thing I longed for was vegetables, otherwise we can find no flaw. We considered moving. 

Baby Rattle
Chestnut Paste
Dried Lavender Bunch
Dried Organic Chickpeas
Lavender Soap
Nougat Noir

Need we say more than the word? Luckily we have family there, if you ever need tips let us know.

Bird Toy Large
Bird Toy Medium
Bird Toy Small
Bucktail Jigs
Cafe Souto & Cafe Oquendo
Calamondin Orange Tree
Chiviricos Fried Dough & Meringues

We headed south, we saw a Space Shuttle launch and swam with the manatees. Florida really was Florida. The Keys are the Keys and Jimmy Buffet is alive and well. 

Chinese Yuxi Smokes
Hollow Half Dollar
Lavender Oil
Obama Stamp
Ratchet Kit
Slim Pot

Another yearly collection, I have to say I feel there is a little obsessiveness in the air. It all began with Obama in 2007 and it has been escalating ever since. Nine Objects for 2009 cater to an obsessive streak.

2 Inch Gold Letters/Numbers
American Whistle
Ash Half-Bushel Basket
Audubon Bird Call
Bay Rum
Big Wooly Dry Mop
Bostonian Pipe
Bread & Puppet Kids' Books Set 1

Mostly Massachusetts: Edith Wharton, Norman Rockwell, the Berkshires, the Cape, Boston, the North Shore. Eating traditional American food and still not knowing exactly what that is. 

ABC Book Set
Airmail Envelopes
Almond Cakes
Basket Tray
Brown Sugar Bars
Coffee / Teapot
Egg Noodles

Two weeks visiting Hong Kong is not something tourists do. We were lucky. Hong Kong style tea and ying/yang became a part of our daily existence. We were blown away by the commerce, organization and volume.

Cheese Grater
Knife Sharpener
Metal Stencils
Pine Tea
Rawhide Mallet
Serrote Money Notebook
Sesame Seed Grinder
Yuki's Book

8 for 2008, things we like with no theme.

Abloy Padlock
African Star Board Game
Airam Thermos
Bait Net
Birch and Pine Basket
Blue Accounting Notebook
Boy "Smiling" Head
Brunberg Kisses

Deeply poetic and extremely internal, we only went as far north as Kuopio. We took a smoke sauna, talked, talked, talked and talked to people who are known for not talking, visited Aalto structures,  etc. 

Adult Yellow Raincoat
Ajona Toothpaste
Bakelite Pencil Sharpener
Bavarian Gamsbart Edelweiss Large Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Medium Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Small Pin
Bavarian Gamsbart Stag Pin Large
Berlin Chocolate Set by Erich Hamann

10 days in Berlin at friends and a 10 day tour of the country by car. It was hard, there was no snow in the Alps, there was a wind storm. The country held a tremendous amount of unique objects and bizarre experiences. 

2 Ribbed Brown Ceramic Cups
2 Small Brown Ceramic Cups
3 Metal Puzzles
9 yards of Rope
Acorn Toy
Alma Hairpins
Black Rebozo

Two trips, hosted by DFC, stayed in Mexico City, visited the states of Michoacán, Puebla and Chiapas, a crazy drive with a one-man-band devoted to preserving traditional textiles. 

3 Piece Old Fashioned Black Notebook Set
American Lottery Ticket
Bernadotte Wall-Mounted Can Opener
Blue Baby Hat
Blue Skummis
Brass Paperclips

Marco's homeland, we know it well. It was cold and we were in Dalarna. There was a contemporary Swedish craft show in the store and a giant burlap elf. 

A4 Calendar
Bag of 3 Bamboo Toys
Bamboo Steamer Basket
Bicycle Basket Net
Blue Plastic Clear Tape Set
Box of Rubber Bands
Brass Chiirirenge with Bamboo Handle
Butterfly Can Opener

Our first collection made in 2005, we had no money, we pulled everything we had together, we sold personal possessions. It was amazing. 

2 Inch Gold Letters/Numbers
2 Ribbed Brown Ceramic Cups
2 Small Brown Ceramic Cups
3 Metal Puzzles
3 Piece Old Fashioned Black Notebook Set
3 Towelettes
444 Shaving Ointment
9 yards of Rope
EVERYTHING!: The whole kit and caboodle. I always wanted to write that... Everything we have ever had here at Kiosk, for real, no joke, this is the sum of it all. What are we doing and what have we done? It's Everything... ( well, there may be new things in the store that haven't ended up here yet)