Two trips, hosted by DFC, stayed in Mexico City, visited the states of Michoacán, Puebla and Chiapas, a crazy drive with a one-man-band devoted to preserving traditional textiles. 

2 Ribbed Brown Ceramic Cups
2 Small Brown Ceramic Cups
3 Metal Puzzles
9 yards of Rope
Acorn Toy
Alma Hairpins
Black Rebozo
Carrying Strap
Childrens Chalkboard
Childrens Poncho
Cuetzalan Belt
Elastic Exercise Tool
Flannel with Blue Stitching Baby Cloth
Flashy Bird
Formata Notebook
Geometric Lesson Book
Glass Rose
Glass Slipper
Glitter Girl Whistle
Green Copal Burner
Handpainted Bowl
Handpainted Copal Dish
Horsehair Shoe brush
Ideal Notebook
Kitchen Spoons
Lady Noisemaker
Large Handpainted Green Cup
Large Terracotta Rosary
Ligas de Hule: Rubberbands
Limas De Unas
Lime Juicer
Man and Woman Masks
Medical Gauze
Metal Propane Cooking Stove
Metal Propane Nozzle
Metal Wire Basket
Metal Wire Birdcage
Mexican Chocolate
Mexican Style Whisk
Monkey Toy
Mouth Teaching Tool
Ocumicho Figures
On/Off Switch
Pack of Erasers
Papier Mache Shakers
Pine Spindle
Plastic Baby Rattle
Plastic Bird Whistle Set
Plastic Recycled Moral
Plastic Toy Horse
Red Necklace with Ribbon
Reflector Aztec
Reflector Head
Schoolgirl Socks
Set of 2 Ceramic Bowls
Set of 3 Plastic Household Brushes
Set of 4 Animalitos from Chiapas
Set of 4 Yellow Paint Brushes
Set of Basic Hangers
Set of Face Creams
Skull Rosary
Small Ceramic Vase
Sporty Soccer Mirror
Straw Moral
Tin Man in Boat
Tin Shaker
Tin Spinning Toy
Tio Nacho Soap
Toilet Brush
Traditional Baby Carrier
Two Tiny Stencils
Vintage Toy Car
Vinyl Squeak Toy
Vinyl Squeak Toy 2
White Mesh Bag
Yellow Rubber Doorstop
Zote Soap