Three weeks turned into a second visit which made the total number of weeks 6. The only thing I longed for was vegetables, otherwise we can find no flaw. We considered moving. 

"Notes Interessants" Marbled Folder
444 Shaving Ointment
Adufe Drum
Aluminum Trivet
Bird Waterer
Birkin Basket
Black Bucket
Blue and White Soap
Blue Watering Can
Borda d'Agua
Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Dishes
Bordallo Pinheiro Goat Toothpick Holder
Bordallo Pinheiro Oyster Dish
Bulldog Wax
Bussaco Book
Carved Bowl
Childrens "German" Tea Set
Clay Flute by Misterio
Click Click
Confeito de Coentros
Couto Toothpaste
Dog Collar
Dog Leash
Donkey Cart
Donkey Playing Cards
Dove on a Stick
Drain Clearer
Emilio Braga Notebook Set
Encerite wax
Face Cream Benamor
Fio de Prumo
Fishing Basket
Flower Seeds from Porto
Fly Swatter
Fruit Picker
Frying Drying Dish
Frying Pan
Funnel Set
Girl Head Candle
Hand Cream Alantoine
Hand Door Knocker
Horn Haircombs
House Paintbrush
Joneves Cookies
Large Wooden Drum
Large Wooden Tambourine
Leather Coin Wallet
Licor Maracuja
Madeira Cake
Magic Birthday Candle
Mariposa Soap
Metal 1/2 Liter Cup
Metal 1/4 Liter Cup
Metal Bread Toaster
Muxama de Atum
Nylon Hand Broom
Old Fashioned Doll
Olive Oil Dispenser
Paper Hot Air Balloon
Pica-Pau Wood Glue
Plastic Plane
Portuguese Beer Glass
Portuguese Pastry Book
Red Hard Plastic Containers
Red Lid Aluminum Container
Red Sugar Bowl
Rough Handbrush
Round Broom
Round Fire Fan
Salt Flowers
Sardines by Tricana
Serrote Notebook
Small Wooden Drum
Small Wooden Tambourine
Spatula Salazar
Stovetop Aluminum Grill
Straw Doormat
Terracotta Bank
Three Paper Carnations
Three Popular Swallows
Tin Candle Holder
Tin Iron
Tin Ironing Set
Tin Oven
Tin Scale
Tin Sink
Tinned Tuna: Risonho & Tenorio
Toilet Brush
Traditional Market Tote
Typical Portuguese Straw Bag
Vanilla Sugar
Viarco Colored Pencils
Wash Basin
Water Jug
Water Ladle
Water Pistol
Wax Book
Wax Girl Head
Wax Hand
Weather Rooster
White Candle with Pinches
Wooden Toothpicks