GREECE: Friends Danielle and Alain began the Greek collection for us; we had to add onto it. The foundation of Western Civilization does not disappoint! Literature, architecture, ruins, food, never mind the romance...Greece is for lovers, and we love it too. It might be all we do.
3 Towelettes
Acropolis Museum Postcards
Biriba Notepad
Chocolates from Varsos
Coffee Pot
Delivery Tray
Ex Votos
Glitsa / Plastic Snake
Greek Animal Bells
Greek Beeswax Candles
Greek Children's Slippers
Greek Handbroom
Greek Nightlight
Greek Oregano
Greek Paperclips
Greek Rolling Pin
Greek Sifter
Halvadopita / Nougat Pie
Kitchen Box
Luminia / Floating "Candles"
Masticha Ipovrihio
Mountain Tea
Oinometra Cups
Olive Cutter
Olive Harvester
Olive OIl Soap
Organic Greek Saffron
Pastry Brush
Pistachio Bar
Plastic Watch
Round Paintbrush
Safety Pin with Evil Eye
Sharpening Stone
Stocking Socks
Stove with 3 Burners
Valsameleo / First Aid Oil
Vanilla Powder
Wine Jug
Zevla / Wooden Collar