January 2006. Marco's homeland, he knows it well. It was cold, as one would expect. We were mainly in Stockholm but also traveled north to the region of Dalarna. Marco tried on Zorn's infamous wolf fur coat while we both combed for things in the heart and the soul of Sweden, when we came back we were changed and enlightened. Upon return to KIOSK in New York a contemporary Swedish craft show soon moved in and a giant burlap elf's foot and boob took over the space for a few months. I believe someone took both home to make a sofa. No matter how well you know a place there is always more to discover.

American Lottery Ticket
Bernadotte Wall-Mounted Can Opener
Blue Baby Hat
Blue Skummis
Brass Paperclips
Bravo Candies in Traditional Paper Candy Bag
Can Opener Sveico & Swedish Style Whisk
Cast Iron Waffle Iron
Cat Ball
Childrens' Indoor Moccasins
Chimney Sweep
Coffee Pot Spout Brush
Dala Horse Folding Card
Dish Brush
Fiberglass Folding Ruler
Hand Knitted Red and White Scarf
Handmade Felt Flower Pin
Horsehair Hand Broom and Red Metal Dustpan
Ice Scraper
Juniper Utensil Set
Large Black Kanken
Large Bottle Brush
Lip, Body and Other Salve Set
Lovely Floor Cloth
Magenta Felt Bowl / Cat Bed
Midsummer Folding Card
Military Bowls
Military Overnight Bag
Mushroom Knife
Old Fashioned Black Notebooks
Oldenburg Pretzel
Pale Grey Wool Mittens
Paper Address Book
Penguin Twist Tie
Plastic Freezer Bag Set
Red Baby Hat
Red Kanken
Red Metal Garden Tool Set
Red Skummis
Rocko Flake Sled
Rondo Pen and Pencil Set
Round Tape Dispenser
Sami Leather Baby Shoes
Sami Reindeer Hide
Skane Apple Cider
Swedish Military Blanket
Swedish Style Whisk
Tar Twine Bunches
Telephone Message Pad
Traditional Brass Buttons
Universal Drain Stop
Waistband from the Swedish Costume
White Linen Bunch
Wool Baby Blanket
Wool Felt Slippers
Yellow Ice Cream Scoop