September 2012 - New ! Now! Like, Totally Wow! I have never been to Colombia and I still have not been there. Chris, our friend and co-worker did go to Colombia and brought back 33 things for us here at Kiosk. You get a treat and I get one too. Lucky!

Aluminum Masher
Aluminum Pitcher
Aluminum Sandwich Press
Aluminum Skimmer
Aluminum Tray
Bird Nesting Fibers
Blue and White Mug
Blue and White Plate
Calendula Tea
Colombian Candles
Colombian Coffee Cup
Colombian Picnic Basket
Colombian Whisk
Colored Pencils
Duck Tape Measure
Enamel Bowl
Flock of Sheep
Fogo Do Amore
Grass Floor Mat
Guava Paste Treats
Hibiscus Tea
King Soap Bar
Natural Rubber Drum
Orange Grater
Oro Metal Polish
Sewing Needles
Terracotta Building Bricks
Terracotta Candle Holder
Wire Toothbrush Holder
Wooden Tasting Spoon
Woven Bird Food Basket
Woven Bird House