Strictly Tokyo. Strictly black and white. Strictly Yokoo and hard lines. 

Alps 7 Opener
Aluminum Ladle Set
Blue Storage Box
Bontan Ame Citrus Candy
Boy Candy Sticks
Brown Pot
Candied Yuzu Peel
Cast Iron Persimmon Stamp
Cedar Cutting Board
Cedar Tea Box
Chalk Line
Copper Grater
Crane Envelope Set
Cream Rice Bowl
Enamel Storage Containers
Eyeglass Case
Feather Duster
File Saw
Futon Beater
Gauze Kitchen Cloth
Graphic Doormat
Japanese Drinking Glasses
Japanese Hand Dustpan
Japanese Street Broom
Japanese Street Dustpan
Kaol Mints
Kuro Sichimi
Menko Cards
Metal Hot Water Bottle
Mint Picks
Mitsubishi No. 460 Pen
Nenchaku Packing Tape
Noisemaker / Fukimodoshi
NT Cutter & Refill
Orange Garden Shovel
Paper Fan
Pentel B-100
Pentel Sign Pen Set
Picture Candy Katanuki
Pikal Metal Polish
Pink Dot Jar
Plain Envelope
Plaster Scraper
Ramune Fructose Candy
Red Cow / Akabeko
Red Wick Candle
Sake Thermometer and Warming Cup
Seven Pepper Spice
Smoca Tooth Powder
Snowflake Dish
Soba Cookie
Sweet Pick with Red Dot
Tiny Cookie Mix
Tiny Lock
Umeboshi Candy
Washi Paper
White Enamel Saucepan
Wire Lampshade and Clip Large
Wire Lampshade and Clip Small
Wooden Paperweight
Wooden Rice Spoon
Yokoo Postcard