Mostly Massachusetts: Edith Wharton, Norman Rockwell, the Berkshires, the Cape, Boston, the North Shore. Eating traditional American food and still not knowing exactly what that is. 

2 Inch Gold Letters/Numbers
American Whistle
Ash Half-Bushel Basket
Audubon Bird Call
Bay Rum
Big Wooly Dry Mop
Bostonian Pipe
Bread & Puppet Kids' Books Set 1
Bread & Puppet Kids' Books Set 2
Cactus Candy
Candy Apple Kit
Clam Ram
Coin Organizers
Colored Pipe Cleaners
Coop's Jig: Large
Coop's Jig: White Small
Ditch That Itch!
Dowsing Rods
Ebony Tobacco by L.J. Peretti
Examination Book
Folding Cot
Grand Crest Baking Soda
Jetfire Balsa Airplane
Jorgensen Wood Clamp
Key Rings
Lepore Small & Large Sand Eel Fly
Lollipops: Windjammer, Grizzly, Squirrel
Mark Shapiro Bowls
Markal Paintstick
Memo Book Set
Metal Water Pitcher
Mini-Disk Rattle
Money Rolls
Murdick's Fudge
Natural Disk Rattle
Natural Oval Bead Rattle
Necco Wafers
New Bedford Black & Red Waxed Thread
Original Pilot Sunglasses
Pennsylvania Dutch Letter Sheets & Labels
Pewter Baby Cup
Pie Cutter
Pitting Spoon Number Two
Reflector #320
Security Mail Bag
Shaker Broom
Shaker Drying Rack
Shaker Onion Basket
Steele Canvas Tote
Surprise Ball
Transparent Comb Set
Tremont Nail Sample Set
Vineyard Sunshine Granola
White Pipe Cleaners
Wire Basket
Wood Cabin