ROMANIA: We tried to solve the mysteries of the western east or the eastern west but came home with things instead. East meets west there indeed. I started eating meat again when I was in Romania, it's like that. Beautiful, bewitching, amazing, more than we had imagined. We broke new borders and feel we can now go beyond.
Bottle Stopper Pair
Burner Reducer
Cheese Cutter
Cheese Press
Children's Horse Whip
Colibri Watercolor Set
Cookie Iron
Copper Cake Mold
Cotton Twine
Distiller Seal
Eggplant Knife
Egreta Alfabetar
Fishing Lures
Fur Mittens
Garlic Strand
Glass Grater
Hemp Twine
Horezu Ceramic Plates
Hungarian Bowls
Iron Shovel
Kid's Wool Gloves
Kid's Wool Socks
Kind-of Cookie Press
Map of Romania
Martyr Press
Mushroom Basket
Pickle Presses
Plastic Bread Basket
Plastic Net Bag
Pufuleti Dolci
ROM Candy
Roma Rings
Romanian Baby Tub
Romanian Metal Bucket
Romanian Rope
Rubber Shoes
Rustic Knife
Scarves from Maramures
Silver Earrings
Slanted Lamp Socket
Stovetop Grill
Straw Mat
Toast and Grill Pan
Tuica Glasses Set of 2
Willow Basket
Winter Horseshoe
Wood Bowl and Spoon Carved
Wood Spindle
Wooden Plate
Wooden Spoons
Wool Slippers
Wool Socks