Deeply poetic and extremely internal, we only went as far north as Kuopio. We took a smoke sauna, talked, talked, talked and talked to people who are known for not talking, visited Aalto structures,  etc. 

Abloy Padlock
African Star Board Game
Airam Thermos
Bait Net
Birch and Pine Basket
Blue Accounting Notebook
Boy "Smiling" Head
Brunberg Kisses
Carpet Beater
Ceramic Rooster Whistle Set
Confirmation Couple
Disk Game
Elovena Oatmeal
Entry Ticket
Eri Keeper Glue
Erittain Hieno Tar Shampoo
Fennia Marking Pen
Finnish Chalk
Finnish Dart Set
Fish Smoker
Food Coloring Set
Girl "Smiling" Head
Gouache Colors
GWS Bottle Opener & Can Opener
Haganol Apoteks Licorice
Havu Manty Suopa
Hunaja Honey
Ice Fishing Line Weight
Koti Mustard
Lintula Beeswax Candles
Mercantil File Labels
Metal Bucket
Metal Water Kettle
Pax Pastiles
Pekka-Peli Card Game
Pihlaja Candies
Plastic Pocket Flask
Polkkajam Card
Pore Soap
Porvoo Beeswax Crayons
Red Sotka Chalk
Red Stripe Staples
Roller Seat
Safety Wing Bike Reflector
Salmiakki Licorice
Sauna Bucket
Sauna Ladle
Savu Smoking Chips
Scrub Brush
Sea Buckthorn Honey
Shoe Inserts
Sisu Candy
Street Broom
Sunnuntai Yeast
Super Salmiakki
Tar Candy
Turun Mustard
Vintage Baby Vest
Vitalis Cream
Watering Can
White Gym Shoes
Who Will Comfort Toffle? Book