YEAR OF THE CIRCLE, HOLIDAY 2020: This year we are online only. Smaller selection than usual this holiday season but 2020 is after all, a special year: Year of the Circle. Some of life's essentials and not so essentials. Things I would pack tomorrow for a year long journey; stuff I need AND that makes me happy.
Candlestick Lamp
Petite Duralex Stacking Glasses Set
Douk-Douk Knife
Vegetable Press
Valentine Schlegel, "Je dors, je travaille"
French Coat Checks: 4 color set
Round Japanese Strainers
Incense / Mosquito Coil Holder
Fuji Sencha Compliments of Postcard Teas, London
Boite a Camembert
Soap Holder
Japanese Toy Sets
The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono
Bread and Puppet Calendar 2021
Cork Pourer
Tiny Gem Calendar
Viganotti Biondo Chocolate Bar
Surprise Ball
Wood Bowl
Stirring Xylophone
Seven Pepper Spice
Safety Pin with Evil Eye
Red Lampshade
Original Ice Cream Scoop
Metal Tape Dispenser
Kitchen Scissors
Hammock Swing
Grow a Tree
Danish Dish Brush