The good folks from CHATEAUX came for a poetry reading in the beginning of June -13 and they left something behind: A font used to print the book of the font's namesake: Heata-Beana



** Save the typeface.

Get it here!


Either it will automatically be saved among your fonts or you may add it into your fonts folder from your Downloads. In Mac OSX, opening the font will prompt you to install the font.
The font is listed as HÄÅÅ-BÄÅÅ on certain systems and Heata-Beana on others due to the special use of Swedish characters.

** To write with Heata-Beana:
Heata-Beana is written in uppercase letters.

Special case: For swedish Å - type lowercase A, for swedish Ä – type lowercase E, for swedish Ö – type lowercase O.

Other characters are: comma, period, colon, semicolon, exclamation points, question marks, dashes, quotes.

If you write with the American alphabet keep the caps lock down. Works like normal typing.

Best regards,

(The Swedish poets Beata Berggren and Helena Eriksson)

The book Heata-Beana was printed at the small press CHATEAUX.