Field Experiments has assembled a Shrine to the Souvenir in the new KIOSK shop. At noon when KIOSK opens they will make a daily offering at the shrine – selling one handmade Field Experiments souvenir every day for thirty days. The daily ritual honors their Balinese friends, collaborators and makers.
Field Experiments is a nomadic design collective that explores indigenous crafts by engaging in collaborative making with local craftspeople in diverse regions around the world. The inaugural Field Experiments project was conducted over three months in Bali, Indonesia.  From June - September 2013, designers Benjamin Harrison Bryant, Paul Marcus Fuog and Karim Charlebois-Zariffa set up a studio and home in Lodtunduh, a farming community situated on the outskirts of Ubud. They collaborated together and conducted daily experiments in stone masonry, wood carving, batik, painting, basket weaving, kite-making with a selection of local craftspeople. The project explores the re-assemblage of cultural craft objects in a tourist-driven economy. It resulted in the making of more than fifty one-off objects that examine the influence of transnational exchange in the making process. Field Experiments proposes how a souvenir can manifest and encourage cross-cultural learning and understanding. 
Bamboo and Pink Plastic Bucket
Batik Pocket Scarf
Batik Pocket Scarf #2
Batik Pocket Scarf #3
Disposable Spray Bottle
Drawstring Net Bag
Drawstring Net Bag #2
Flip Flop Book
Green and Blue Bucket
Have a Nice Day Kite
Lure Necklace
Measuring Tape
Measuring Tape #2
Metal Shank Knife #2
Painted Stone Mask
Painted Stone Mask #2
Red Kite
Shank Knife
Star Kite
Still Life Banana
Still Life Painting
Tarp Backpack
Thank You Kite
Trash Postcard
Wooden Carved Knife
Wooden Handle Knife
Wooden Stacking Block
Woven Small Pattern Bag
Woven Small Pattern Bag #2