BETTY'S CERAMICS: Licking Lichen ceramics by Betty Roytburd. One of a kind, with variations in each shape. For everything from soy sauce to sesame, little salt to aquavit or tea and tequila. Betty has been with us at Kiosk for a year, these are her current adventure. Join on! Thanks to Jarrod Turner for the images! Nice!
Big Cup 1
Big Cup 2
Big Cup 3
Big Cup 4
Big Cup 5
Big Cup 6
Big Cup 7
Large Oval Platter
Little Container with Cap 1
Little Container with Cap 2
Little Container with Cap 3
Little Container with Cap 4
Little Container with Cap 5
Long Cup 1
Long Cup 2
Long Cup 3
Long Cup 4
Oval Plate 1
Oval Plate 2
Oval Plate 3
Oval Plate 4
Oval Plate 5
Oval Plate 6
Oval Plate 7
Oval Plate 8
Oval Plate 9
Round Plate 2
Round Plate 3
Round Plate 4
Small Round Plate 2
Small Round Plate 3
Small Round Plate 4
Small Round Plate 5
Small Round Plate 6
Tiny Round Plate 1
Tiny Round Plate 2
Tiny Round Plate 3
Tiny Round Plate 4
Tiny Round Plate 5
Tiny Round Plate 6
Tiny Round Plate 7
Tiny Round Plate 8
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 1
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 2
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 3
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 4
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 5
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 6
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 7
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 8
Tiny Shot Glass Cup 9